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      安總科技集團歡迎您 !









           Anhua Research Institute (hereinafter referred to as "Anhua"), adhering to scientific and technological fire fighting, has set up an international research and development center for aerogel technology with high-end talents at home and abroad, including France, Russia, South Korea, Tongji University, China University of Mining and Technology, Beijing Chemical Industry, Ordnance Industry Group, and Aerospace Science and Engineering. It has devoted decades to innovating the application of nanomaterials, breaking through the core technologies of aerogel fire fighting, heat insulation, and flame retardancy, and independently developing a new generation of aerogel fire extinguishing agent. This product has the dual effects of instant cooling and air isolation, achieving "instant extinction", and does not rekindle, do not produce toxic smoke, safe and environmentally friendly, and is at the international leading level!
            Anhua insists on serving the country through industry, establishes Hua'an (Beijing), Huaxing Meike (Jiangsu), Anhua Fire Fighting (Jiangsu), takes subversive aerogel fire extinguishing agent as the starting point, creates a new generation of safe and environmentally friendly fire extinguishing products and high-end equipment, realizes the productization and serialization of new fire extinguishers, aerogel fire engines, robots, UAVs, fire extinguishers, etc., and builds an intelligent fire fighting equipment system that can effectively deal with high temperature oil fire fighting Transformer oil fire and forest fire retardant isolation belt felling pain and other worldwide problems.
            Anhua innovates "one click rescue", takes "fire prevention in the bud and help people in danger" as the starting point, relies on "one hospital", "one museum", "one base", "one fund" and a new generation of fire protection products to build a "security assistance" service platform, and provides "one click rescue" services for communities, families and individuals. According to the 1+n model, with Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei as the center, Anhua has laid out five major regions in East China, Central China, North China, Southeast and Southwest China, Serve the world step by step along the footprint of the "the Belt and Road" to create a smart fire protection accessible to everyone.
            Anzong Technology, the pioneer of fire fighting! We have made great efforts to reconstruct the fire safety industry for a hundred years, and we are confident in the protection of people's lives, property and safety!

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